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If Boris gets ‘his’ deal and it’s passed through parliament, then you’ll know for sure it was never, ever about the deal itself > @MacDara #tweet

I won’t see SmackDown till tonight at least, but is WWE being racist again? > @MacDara #tweet

AEW on TNT review: good for a start; moved at a quick pace; matches too long; can we not rehab a Tr*mp supporter even if he’s supposed to be a heel, please? > @MacDara #tweet

No, you just got yourself up in the middle of the night to avoid getting sniped on a Jushin Thunder Liger action figure on eBay > @MacDara #tweet

I missed half of the Monday Night Wars because we didn’t have a satellite dish to watch Nitro on TNT Europe (or live in Maywood/Bettyglen which had their own community MMDS TV thing going on) > @MacDara #tweet

So I held on till the end and finished the fantasy baseball season in sixth place. One ahead of the commish! > @MacDara #tweet

I am watching Wing Commander and five minutes in there are already two Star Trek connections > @MacDara #tweet

Another cow! It’s a bad week on Ireland’s railways. Also a metaphor for something, probably > @MacDara #tweet

My gig history: First concert - Avail/Bouncing Souls / Last concert - Catherine Sikora & Brian Chase / Next concert - DEAFKIDS / Best concert - Rush / Worst concert - GY!BE* / Seen the most - Mike Watt / Haven’t seen but want to - Dead Neanderthals > @MacDara #tweet

No luck finding the new WrestleTalk mag at my local Tesco Extra. Will try Eason’s tomorrow but not holding out hope > @MacDara #tweet

The new Futureheads album is alright. I mean, they’re never gonna make another ‘First Day’, I’m resigned to that, but it’s no News and Tributes either > etc @MacDara #tweet

Random thoughts on #AEWAllOut: Kenny Omega looks tired; JR needs to go; poor Pharaoh and pyro don’t mix; the ladder match was bad TV; so many production kinks! > etc @MacDara #tweet

Yesterday at the shops, I saw a 5,000-yen note dropped at the trolley bay. Not beyond the realms of possibility; there are Japanese students here. But that's a lot of money (around €42). Except... > etc @MacDara #tweet

In hindsight, a better headline for last night’s Brexit news might’ve been ‘Johnson takes 30-day deadline from Merkel’ since it’s what he (and pol-eds) took from it, not what she offered (which was nothing, just a generalised comment) > etc @MacDara #tweet