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My hair hasn’t been this long* in 20 years. It feels weird, man > @MacDara #tweet

My new phone has arrived already (literally dropped in the window) but the Defender case won’t get here till next week so it’s staying in the box for now > @MacDara #tweet

There’s reading books, and then there’s displaying them on your bookshelf > @MacDara #tweet

The new iPhone SE is launched today but Three still haven’t given any details of how to get one. They’ve really made a hames of things the last few weeks, haven’t they? > @MacDara #tweet

WrestleMania Night 2: in the cold light of day, not as bad as I felt last night when I konked out during the Edge/Orton snoozefest. Same opinion as Night 1, though > @MacDara #tweet

WrestleMania Night 1: they’re really missing the crowd, but even that aside, the booking felt like a random Raw; nothing epic like WM should be > @MacDara #tweet

They should’ve used augmented reality to put green shirt guy in the front row #WM36 > @MacDara #tweet

Getting out on my bicycle for the first time in five weeks (b/c of my ear thing) to do the shopping and steer as clear from other people as possible > @MacDara #tweet

Supposed to be limiting our social contact but if it takes multiple walks to the shops to find loo rolls, then what’s the fucking point, eh? > @MacDara #tweet

The Flying Luttenbachers’ Greatest Hits is name-your-price @Bandcamp — and remember all revenue today goes to the artists (h/t @JeffTreppel) > @MacDara #tweet

An old man collapsed in front of me on my road about an hour ago. Just slumped to the ground. I rang 999, ambulance arrived really quickly. No pulse, last I heard before they lifted him in > @MacDara #tweet

DNS weirdness for me this morning: phone and laptop connected to same Wi-FI network; sites work fine on laptop (Chrome) but connection immediately refused on phone (also Chrome) > @MacDara #tweet

Back from the shops: dried pasta/pulses/grains have yet to be restocked; ditto chicken breasts. All you people who filled your chest freezers will be stuck when the apocalypse hits and the power shuts off > @MacDara #tweet

Just back from the Dunnes across the way: normal Saturday busy; people still buying more than they probably need but much calmer than Tesco the other day > @MacDara #tweet

A lot of sports editors and journalists in a tight spot today, I’d bet > @MacDara #tweet

This match is Daniel Bryan versus Super Daniel Bryan #WWEChamber > @MacDara #tweet

Preoccupied with that story of a van killing a jogger on the James Larkin Rd cycle/walkway. Used to walk Major with my mam on that same path, same time in the evening > @MacDara #tweet

OK, Bee and I will definitely be at UK TakeOver in Dublin > @MacDara #tweet

Time for #NXTTakeOver and feck it, I’m staying up but probably won’t be tweeting during. Please be good! > @MacDara #tweet

Would’ve been great if I could’ve heard the band over all the chatbots around me but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ > @MacDara #tweet

I’m a big fan of WWE doing the #RoyalRumble in baseball parks, with the smaller dugout entrance set. Hope it’s more than just a two-year thing > @MacDara #tweet

Enjoyed the Freud/Yeats show at IMMA today before it closed, fourth time lucky! It reinforced how much I love Jack B Yeats’ work, and why I don’t particularly care for Lucian Freud > @MacDara #tweet

There’s so much that deadens the soul about the chain of events on Wilton Terrace yesterday, but the one that really gets me is, why wouldn’t you check the tent first? What brings someone to that place? > @MacDara #tweet

It was all downhill from when Gordon Brown apologised to that bigoted woman > @MacDara #tweet

The surge of the pound isn’t about ideology, it’s about stability: the result brings perceived certainty re Brexit, and the markets love certainty. (The sheer amorality of that is related, sure, but distinct) > @MacDara #tweet

If the George’s Dock rafting story does anything, I hope it encourages all of us to actively engage in what our councils do, or are supposed to do. And I mean their entire remit, not just the one or two issues that manage to capture attention > @MacDara #tweet

Typical that the Graves ‘apology’ is a non-apology as he takes no real ownership over what he tweeted, or why he tweeted it > @MacDara #tweet

Someone please point me to any news story over the last few days that explains why Leinster House has ever needed its own printing press? > @MacDara #tweet

Lost my bike lights between Dublin and Dundalk so had to walk my bike home. I’m not in a good mood tonight > @MacDara #tweet

Thread about cycling in Ireland for the motorists we’re supposed to ‘share the road’ with > @conndonovan9 #tweet

I want to love #NWAPowerrr but then Bram shows up and I have to wonder why they choose to book him. Being carny mofos isn’t an excuse > @MacDara #tweet

Watching the 1993 Survivor Series and there’s Ricky Morton doing a tope suicida so it makes perfect sense he’s busting out Canadian destroyers in 2019 > @MacDara #tweet

It’s easy to pooh-pooh early ‘90s WWF but it’s mind-boggling how much the landscape changed between the 1991 and 1992 Survivor Series > @MacDara #tweet

So I just tried to buy a 10-journey Matthews Bus ticket at the @LeapCard site but it no longer gives the option to load the card on the bus > @MacDara #tweet

Watching Full Gear and I have to ask: why does Excalibur say ‘medulla oblongata’ when he means ‘external occipital protuberance’? > @MacDara #tweet

I assume that awkward ending to PAC/Trent on Dynamite this week was a miscommunication with Bryce? Like they changed the finish and it never got to him? > @MacDara #tweet

RTÉ has a perception issue: the outright bad/hamfisted stuff it does, whether on broadcast or institutionally, always outweighs the positives > @MacDara #tweet

This year’s World Tag League has the most boring lineup. Half the field are old-timers, which is great for a nostalgia kick but come on > @MacDara #tweet

You know why Ireland doesn’t have safe cycling infrastructure? Why our roads are so often pedestrian hostile? It’s because our elected representatives believe motorists’ votes count for more > @MacDara #tweet

The woman in front of me on this bus just put her seat back. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me > @MacDara #tweet

This Daughters gig tonight better be worth me trudging two hours to the city in the rain > @MacDara #tweet

Have any of the wrestlers stuck in Saudi Arabia tweeted about why they’re stuck there, besides Andrade? (And even his was cryptic) > @MacDara #tweet

Feel like I’m going against the grain here, but I wouldn’t mind being able to watch a lot of stuff on Netflix at 1.33x > @MacDara #tweet

If Boris gets ‘his’ deal and it’s passed through parliament, then you’ll know for sure it was never, ever about the deal itself > @MacDara #tweet