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My Thumped review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Hold those other, glowing reviews you're bound to see with suspicion, as the latest entry in the Star Wars saga is a middling dud. Maybe if some people could step outside their fandom bubble for a minute... #link

My Thumped review of Maze

Based on the true story of the 1983 NI prison break, but its potential as a drama focused on its leads is lost behind its functionally boring escape plot. #link

My Thumped review of The Drummer and the Keeper

It’s won awards and it’s getting rave reviews, but I thought it was awful. And I get the feeling if it were anything but an Irish film it would get ripped apart. The only grace is the genuine connection between the two leads, but it’s not a saving one. #link

My Thumped review of The Red Turtle

Studio Ghibli’s first non-Japanese production, and a beautiful one it is too. Plus a few words on the latest entry in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. #link

Noises On! #4: It’s catching up

Late with this owing to a busy week: a long-delayed round-up some of my favourite sounds from the last couple of years. Emphasis on the ‘some’, mind you, as all I can think of now are the records I forgot to include. Such is life. #link

My Thumped review of Free Fire

My first film review in weeks, for various reasons mostly related to not being able to make it to press screenings. Shame it’s for another dud, and that’s coming from a fan of the people involved. #link

My Thumped review of Denial

This courtroom drama based on the libel action taken by notorious Holocaust denier David Irving takes too long to shake off the Hollywood tropes and get to the good stuff. #link

My Thumped review of Rogue One

So busy this week that I forgot to link this one when it went live on Tuesday evening. Despite what I said before, there might be one more film review from me before the year is out, if I can bring myself to write at length about Collateral Beauty. #link

My Thumped review of I Am Not a Serial Killer

Probably my final film review for 2016, since I’m missing a bunch of screenings over the next fortnight. And it’s one I liked, but didn’t love. Give it a watch if it shows up on your streaming service of choice. #link

My Thumped review of De Palma

This masterclass in cinema is showing exclusively at the Light House in Dublin from today, but you might be able to stream it already. #link

My Thumped review of Jim: The James Foley Story

I've seen some criticism of the technical aspects of this documentary, made by a childhood friend of the slain US combat journalist, but I had no issues with that side of things -- perhaps because I've seen a lot worse. #link