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Tiny helpers

A collection of free single-purpose online tools for web developers (and potentially tinkerers like me). #link



Easily adjustable website frameworks via Bootstrap or CSS. Nicely done. #link


Learn To Code Now

I’ve still got the basics down, but I could do with something like this as a refresher course. #link


HTML Color Codes

Everything you always wanted to know about colours for the web in one handy, beautifully designed spot. #link


Documenting the new design

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen my site’s had a bit of a redesign.

Well, ‘a bit’ is putting it lightly: I coded a whole new site template from scratch over the last three days, building on the Skeleton framework that a lot of people seem to be using (from snooping around their sites with view-source, like the old days).

It’s been ages since I’ve done so much web coding — more than three years since my last redesign. I think I’ve kept things clean enough under the hood, and it resizes nicely on my smartphone.

The new look was pretty much a necessity seeing as I’ve finally migrated from Movable Type to WordPress. And boy has that been a learning curve. Not so much using the CMS itself; I’ve become familiar enough with that posting things on other sites. But getting my own stuff into the system was a challenge.



Waxy gets a redesign

Andy Baio doesn’t wax nostalgic about blogging, in my view, because blogging never really went away; it just mutated and fell out of popularity. Returning to form isn’t the same as getting lost in the past, especially when it means retaining ownership and control. Which is another prompt for me to migrate this blog to WordPress. #link