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Waking up to covfefe #tweet

Anyway, the story of Liger in #BOSJ24 is special: he’s still got it, but the fighting spirit is weak. A beast god confronting his mortality #tweet

Someone needs to step up and replace the Deathlock NJPW calendar. She did us all an invaluable service #tweet

The only time percussive maintenance actually works: when you get a stuck pixel on your LED monitor #tweet

Wow at KUSHIDA’s roll-up cradle body slam on BUSHI in the day 5 main event #BOSJ24 #tweet

The goldfinches brought one of their fledglings to the garden awwww #tweet

Promised myself I’d skip the stationary cam #BOSJ24 shows but I have to watch the Liger matches. I mean come on, it’s Liger #tweet

Love that the nuns are like ‘we were planning this all along’ and not bowing under considerable public pressure #tweet

When I woke up this morning I could’ve sworn it was Sunday #tweet

Still on day 2 of #BOSJ24; Liger taking it to Takahashi is a wonderful thing to behold #tweet

This animated short did the rounds a month ago so you’ve probably seen it already, but I like it so it’s here. [c/o io9] #video 

Won’t be at the Afghan Whigs gig tonight, alas, but I know a few of you are going so enjoy yourselves #tweet

Two months into the MeFi Baseball season and I’m strictly a middle-of-the-pack runner. All these injuries! I know how the Mets feel #tweet

I'm so with it, I thought Buckethead was still in Guns N' Roses. Anyway, here's my favourite Buckethead: https://t.co/M3diB66dAL #tweet

Just read about the main event at PROGRESS. All I can say is, get your MMA out of my wrestling #tweet

Ax & Smash > Axl & Slash #tweet

Whoa, FloSlam can gerrowra that garden with that 50% subscription rate hike #tweet

In a CS chat window for my ISP. It’s funny how troubleshooting issues only goes as far as your own end; couldn’t possibly be the cabinet #tweet

Provided our broadband connection is stable enough, I’ll be catching up on #BOSJ24 today. I expect I’ll be skipping a bit, too #tweet

Y'all I had to mute The Rock for a month as I just couldn't handle that 'critics against people' horseshit any longer #tweet