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June 2017

Pitch accepted! Next week the work begins #tweet

It’s been out a few weeks now but the new Gravetemple is great stuff. SOM and Oren Ambarchi make an unbeatable tag team when they’re on it #tweet

Bonus to my insomnia is that I've already done my work and admin for the day, so the weekend starts here #tweet

I've been awake since a quarter to three. This is gonna be a fun day #tweet

Bayley on the Stone Cold podcast is 👌🏼 #tweet

Started watching Okja there earlier and Tilda Swinton’s ‘performance’ at the start made me want to switch it right off #tweet

I have sent the pitch #tweet

I am writing a pitch. I am not good at pitching. Help? #tweet

So… what kind of tech bullshit in Gmail/Chrome is telling Facebook what ads to serve me? #tweet

Bee and I invented Trader Joe’s ‘puff dog’ years ago, except we called it a pig in a parka #tweet

Day four and I still want to rip out half my jaw #tweet

Is June ‘tone deaf month’ at Titan Tower or something? #tweet

Tried to download the new Melvins promo from Haulix but it failed twice, and now it’s streaming only? Sigh… #tweet

I’m sure @atomic_elbow will be pleased to know issue 22 has just popped through my letterbox. That’s not a euphemism for anything #tweet

New takeaway place near us sells cans of lychee Rubicon so when I’m feeling better we are SO ordering from there #tweet

Sleepless night from wanting to pull out half my teeth with this sinus infection #tweet

How much money has been wasted on this ridiculous Jobstown Trial? And for what? To grow enmity b/w public and Garda? To kill Irish Labour? #tweet

Don't know how I feel about Okada/Omega III in a G1 block match. It's way too soon; I would've booked them in separate blocks to tease it #tweet

If you’ve been wondering what happened to Enlarged Heart Radio, it’s just on another break. Back soon with new sounds if you’re interested #tweet

Trying to write but my brain is failing, ugh #tweet

Three eps of Glow prompted a rewatch of the Glow documentary, then I dug out my DVD of Gaea Girls #tweet

Didn't realise that was Awesome Kong in Glow till I googled the cast #tweet

So, what exactly is WWE’s stance regarding footage of Mel Phillips on the Network these days? #tweet

Frankly I’m amazed Mr Pogo survived that infamous barbed wire fire match in 1993, let alone live to his 60s #tweet

#NowPlaying Guerilla Toss - GT ULTRA #tweet

Now that Ireland has full test cricket status, when do we get to take a picnic to a test match? #tweet

What would happen if the US working class went on a general strike? #tweet

Hottest day of the year yesterday, they say. But our broadband didn’t cut out, since little direct sunlight on the box up the road #tweet

Lotta wrestling merch at the Melt-Banana gig tonight #tweet

Who's got their think pieces lined up for the 30th anniversary of Napalm Death's Scum? (Also, anyone wanna commission me for one?) #tweet

Order in for the new Atomic Elbow. Here’s hoping this one doesn’t get lost in the post for two-and-a-half months #tweet

I’ve felt a day ahead of myself for the past week. Never has a Tuesday felt more like a Wednesday etc #tweet

Here's an interview with Kassie Carlson of Guerilla Toss ahead of (or after?) the release of new album GT Ultra: https://t.co/NJ5plPZ0OM #tweet

Baron Corbin’s promo on Talking Smack was long on substance, short on delivery. Needs work if they want him to be more than Just A Guy #tweet

One can appreciate the finish of the women’s MITB from a storyline perspective and still think it was a massive F-you to WWE’s women #tweet

Epic Wrestling Twitter feud going on in my timeline. I like both sides, and they're both in the wrong, so this can only end well #tweet

Real talk, though: what bright spark thought forest green telecoms boxes was a good idea? #tweet

Another sunny day, another crappy broadband connection #tweet

So I might have mildly sunburnt my nose and hairline #tweet