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November 2017

After the years of fawning, I’m still waiting for all the ‘WTF happened to Apple?’ takes #tweet

‘Rex Pflueger’ is like a name Lex Luger would use while wearing a mask after a loser-leaves-town match #tweet

First leg cramp of the winter. Caught it just in time so I won’t have to hobble around for the rest of the day #tweet

WWE will literally turn everyone heel but the one person who could benefit most #tweet

Someone outside is revving an engine that sounds like a dog with a cold #tweet

Just got an email receipt for heating oil that was ordered and delivered over three months ago #tweet

Remember when this was all about socks? #tweet

I always find it rich when drivers moan about cycling infrastructure when you all think hazard lights are a cloak to hide from wardens #tweet

I’m not one for conspiracy theories…

…I believe the wrongs of this world are much more banal than we often allow ourselves to accept.

At the same time, I can’t help but see a connection between Fianna Fáil’s no-confidence motion against the Tánaiste, in the midst of an important Oireachtas committee on the Eighth Amendment, and the notion that their TDs represent this country’s most staunchly anti-choice political movement.

(Not that Fine Gael are any better, mind, as they’re two sides of the same coin, but how and ever.)

Are you having a rough day? Here’s a joke I just made up: How do pirates settle legal disputes? By ARRRRbitration #tweet

By the way, it would be great if our TDs started acting like adults with responsibility to the people instead of acting the hole #tweet

Bee’s geeking out over the new Dwarf Fortress while we listen to a 10-hour wrestling podcast. Just another evening in Chez Maccabee #tweet

New Portal track is more cleanly produced than I would’ve expected #tweet

That’s my third 2018 film release I’ve seen this week. I think I liked best the one most seem iffy about #tweet

Having one of those days where writing is Really, Really Hard #tweet

Just passed a man singing opera to a cormorant in the Newry Canal #tweet

Ugh, Survivor Series: a few bright spots marred by a whole lotta nothing. I still Do Not Get the love for Brock. Are you all being ironic? #tweet

Not sure whether to face-palm at Kalisto botching his entrance or be impressed that he saved it #SurvivorSeries #tweet

Mugabe is going to ‘die peacefully in his sleep’ sometime in the next few days, isn’t he? #tweet

Half past four and it’s already dark. I hate winter #tweet

Just a thought: the darker lighting on NXT shows the past few weeks/months makes everyone’s tans look deeper than they ought to #tweet

No one was really that bothered by Mauro’s commentary, till someone(s) influential said it’s the Worst Thing Ever. Cue internet pile-on #tweet

Cage roof or no, I’m marking out for the TWO RINGS! #NXTTakeOver #tweet

It’s the same with every ISP in my experience: the engineering side simply doesn’t talk to the CS side, to every customer’s detriment #tweet

Oh joy, another apparently nationwide eir broadband outage #tweet

The fancy upgraded Lidl on Moore St is freaking me out. A whole new self-service checkout UX to get used to #tweet

Oh, now is a great time to discover a massive rip in the inseam of my jeans #tweet

Just flipped the bird to a shitty driver on Church St and it felt OK if I’m honest #tweet

I know I’m shouting into the abyss, but I do wish taxi and van drivers wouldn’t harass cyclists riding safely as conditions allow #tweet

Tonight’s Bug v Earth gig is the perfect example of one I’d go to if I still lived in Dublin, but I can’t face the trek #tweet

I guess Vince decided he doesn’t like managers again. I mean to hell with what’s entertaining for the ‘Universe’, right? #tweet

When in doubt, watch NXT and let’s plays of GeoGuessr #tweet

So Much News. But about this Irish Rugby World Cup bid: where did you all think we were going to host it? I mean, seriously? #tweet

Not seeing the Justice League press show this morning for reasons. It’s probably crap, whatever #tweet