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January 2018

I have Issues with Homeland but I like the show it’s evolved into. Just blitzed through s04 in a few days so it’s doing s’thing right #tweet

Anyway, first day of spring tomorrow. Brighter evenings when the rain fecks off #tweet

Don’t know what everyone else is on about, January flew by for me. Anxiety’s through the roof, mind you, so swings and roundabouts #tweet

C4 smells of almonds? That makes me wonder about the time I flew internationally with foil-wrapped blocks of marzipan in my carry-on #tweet

Time to take a writing break. Oh, that weather outside is frightful. Do I have to go shopping later? #tweet

Drake Maverick is still a far better name than Spud #tweet

Homeland s04 has gone very George RR Martin: surprise character killings and luxurious feasts making me hungry #tweet

Made good progress on a thing today. Hope I can keep the brain juice flowing tomorrow #tweet

It will be quite the birthday present to have the opportunity to #repealthe8th #tweet

At a loss for something to watch, I’ve picked up where I left off with Homeland. Which would be s04, so it’s been a while #tweet

Back for a night at the Enormotron and ready for the preshow. But eh, why are the ropes blue? #RoyalRumble #tweet

If you enjoy wrestling and haven’t yet seen last night’s NXT TakeOver, fix that today. The main event is as close to perfect as wrestling storytelling gets, but every match was something else #tweet

Fantastic match; best NXT main event in forever #NXTTakeOver #tweet

Shayna Baszler is just a red jacket and a ceramic motorcycle away from Kaneda in Akira #NXTTakeOver #tweet

Firing up the Enormotron for NXT TakeOver Philadelphia. Nine years old and still works… well not like a charm, but it works! #tweet

WWE profiles indie darling, wrestling mega-nerd and NXT returnee Kassius Ohno. Thinking of Ohno as a player-coach, as Johnny Gargano comments here, seems like a perfect fit as this stage of his career. #video

Wasn't joking about this, by the way. Went to the shops this afternoon for all the trimmings; Xmas 2 is a go for tomorrow https://t.co/izXSiasTOa #tweet

I know I’ve said this before, many a time, but writing is hard #tweet

Future Islands playing Donnybrook Stadium? JG Thirwell in Iveagh Gardens? 2018 is shaping up to be fairly weird, alright #tweet

Yes new Portal in my ears! Also it’s only €7 on Bandcamp so come on, like #tweet

#NowPlaying The Flesh Eaters - Prehistoric Fits: Greatest Hits Vol 2 #tweet

Still at work. No time to unwind tonight, sigh #tweet

My favourite song by The Fall is the one with the great bassline #tweet

It’s heartening to see how many in my timeline knew and/or loved Mark E Smith and The Fall #tweet

Good riddance to Enzo. And if he did what he’s accused of doing, he’s a trash human and deserves everything coming to him #tweet

Here’s a subtweet for you: some people seem strangely uncomfortable with airing the notion that Churchill might have been a bad person #tweet

So much rain, the path to our front door has flooded this weekend for the first time since we moved in #tweet

So has the big Irish wrestling group moved on from its sexism and homophobia 2 years ago? Are its ‘hardcore fans’ still insufferable? #tweet

Bee found an old TNG adventure game so guess what we’re doing tomorrow night #tweet

Two dangerous drivers who know fuck all about the Rules of the Road on my ass tonight #tweet

What's missing in this article is that a whole lot of 'content' simply isn't available in Ireland via official/legal digital means https://t.co/yF9zR2EnB7 #tweet

In better news, my Arrow winter sale order arrived, and my very own Daryl Takahashi is being shipped from Japan #tweet

Newsflash: I hate rain #tweet

Right, where can I legally stream/DL these Go-Betweens and XTC documentaries in Ireland? #tweet

Snow update: there’s enough to block my skylight #tweet

Wasn’t a Cranberries fan but I’m struck by the thought of how much Dolores O’Riordan, like Sinéad, was poorly treated in/by the media #tweet

Saw The Post this evening; there’s a lot to love, but then Spielberg has to go all Spielberg over it #tweet