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April 2018

When they say the Repeal campaign ‘lacks urgency’, I think they mean they’re frustrated at its refusal to play the usual ‘game’ #tweet

This is great; Cedric’s excitement is infectious. And if you didn’t watch his match with Mustafa Ali from last night, get that fixed pronto https://t.co/i3ajW3LQTt #tweet

Finally caught up with the Namajunas/Jedrzejczyk fight from UFC 223 and it didn’t disappoint, even if it was nearly all striking #tweet

Was listening to the POST Wrestling Mania review and they actually said Rousey’s match was the best on the card and weren’t taking the piss #tweet

It’s time for the WrestleMania Kickoff which means all wrestling tweets from me for the next seven hours #WM34 https://goo.gl/beYWKx #tweet

You know what? I’m glad my prediction for Gargano/Ciampa was off; what actually went down was exponentially better #NXTTakeOver #tweet

Calling it now: Candice turns on Johnny, makes out with Ciampa’s beard #NXTTakeOver https://goo.gl/SceUc7 #tweet

Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2 observations: Kikutaro is JUSTICE; Invisible Man did well for himself; Mikey Whipwreck is King Kong Bundy now #tweet

The best thing about Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport is that it was less than two hours long #tweet

I’m sure Mark Henry’s sentiment was genuine, but what he said was also completely unfair to Martha Hart #tweet

That Snickers Almond advert annoys me to an unreasonable degree #tweet

Three’s range of upgrades is… not good. I have no option to step up from my iPhone SE that isn’t €€€ for little cost benefit #tweet

There’s Conor McGregor being a national embarrassment again #tweet

Isao Takahata should’ve won an Oscar for The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, one of the finest films of the century thus far #tweet

Ugh, speakers are cutting out again. Sad face #tweet

The new Dead Neanderthals sounds like the innards of a space hulk in decaying orbit around a gas giant #tweet

New issue of @atomic_elbow arrived after just over a week, amazing considering the four-day weekend #tweet

Lindsay Ellis’ video essay on why Bright doesn’t work is worth your time. #video

Don’t confuse my apparent silence on big stories for ignorance. I watch some very closely. And one in particular doesn’t surprise me #tweet

Good news, my desktop speakers have mysteriously fixed themselves! #tweet

The secret to watching Okada matches is to skip the first 15 to 20 minutes. Anyway back to WCW Saturday Night for me #tweet

WCW Saturday Night just hit the Network so I’ll be seeing you in a few days #tweet

Monthnotes for March 2018

My second feature for Bandcamp Daily was published mid-month, this one on a selection of bands exploring new directions in grindcore. Again, it’s not a definitive guide, nor meant to be one; it’s a selection of artists across a spectrum that have caught my attention over time, and which fit the brief. I’m very happy with how it turned out; cheers to my editor Jes Skolnik for their work in that regard. More…

Stuck on Until Your Heart Stops for that opening one-two punch of ‘Moral Eclipse’ into ‘Terminal Deity’ and ended up playing the whole thing #tweet

Hiromu Takahashi and BUSHI is a team I can get behind #tweet

Happy birthday, D Boon #tweet

Come on, people! Hashtag your wrestling tweets so I can block the spoilers ffs #tweet