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July 2018

Tragedy always hits harder when you’ve been to a place or know others who might be there. Thinking of the Danforth this morning #tweet

Ireland: we knocked down council flats to replace them with… prefab council flats #tweet

This headline is wrong; going by the standfirst, it should be 'Universal free GP care is never going to happen' https://t.co/RpVhmqi3Uq #tweet

I’ve got a meeting in Belfast tomorrow and an hour or so to spare beforehand. Where’s good to sit and work a bit opposite Titanic Quarter? #tweet

Today has not gone according to plan, sigh #tweet

Finally watching the iron man match from Extreme Rules and the ‘fans’ are ruining it if I’m honest #tweet

That blurry vision means it’s time to step away from the computer for the day #tweet

'Determined to protect' is not a guarantee of protection. Pay close attention to all the language used here; it will be examined in history texts decades hence https://t.co/ATKyt1emwz #tweet

Look at the sheer bull she's spreading here, like. The EU has made its position clear since the UK chose to leave the union. It's all on you, May https://t.co/NQ4HOCh30E #tweet

Theresa May’s got a lot of talk about what should/shouldn’t be done, has no concrete steps, and still expects the EU to do the UK’s homework #tweet

What is the point of NXT as a ‘developmental’ brand when nearly all of the main roster call-ups are sent back to square one? https://t.co/brWXk9YH3B #tweet

Downloading a promo of the new one from The Necks. Another year of great new music continues #tweet

Listening to @TheLapsedFan’s Vader tribute and they just referenced the Dublin title switch in March ‘93. I WAS THERE #tweet

London people: I’ve got an Oyster card I haven’t used in about 5 years; can I still top it up? #tweet

Just so you know, I don’t recommend pulling a 14-hour day doing brain-intensive work #tweet

Great into to ROIR on Bandcamp by @burn_amb; we’ve all got that Bad Brains one but the Bush Tetras comp is phenomenal, too https://t.co/N6czTGfVLE #tweet

Carefully chosen words: May isn’t denying plans for a hard border, she’s only saying that she doesn’t want it to be… https://t.co/fzOL80hr0G #tweet

NXT’s Dan Matha used ‘soy boy’ in a tweet. I hope he gets squashed by a vegan #tweet

Facebook’s officially stated position on this, then. But oh yeah, I forgot, they’re not a ‘media’ company https://t.co/x4BzVJMBls #tweet

If your album doesn’t fit the traditional two sides of vinyl, you’ve really gotta earn that extra platter; most don’t #tweet

So ROH and New Japan are running the Garden over WrestleMania weekend? WWE missed a trick not exercising their first refusal for a TakeOver #tweet

One Of Those interactions today where s’one asked who I fancied in the World Cup match tonight. Waiting for anyone to ask my pick for the G1 #tweet

Just updated iTunes but Apple Music is still broken for me: I can play things, but can’t go to pages, see track lists, etc. Anyone else? #tweet

Just read about Hiromu possibly breaking his neck during last night’s match with Dragon Lee. Wishing @TIMEBOMB1105 a speedy recovery #tweet

Only going by the trailer I can tell My Dad Is A Heel Wrestler is the greatest wrestling movie of all time #tweet

Watching this Lex Express thing on the Network and I’m mesmerised; it’s basically Slow TV #tweet

Interesting that McQuarrie has a better grasp on what constitutes proper film criticism than Johnson does https://t.co/q6PB8ZLSJy #tweet

Here’s a fantastic thread on eyes and our brains/minds that should mess you up for the rest of the day https://t.co/gdiQkR2k5j #tweet

#NowPlaying The Amazing - In Transit (HT to ILX; awful band name but they sound like RHP meets MBV) #tweet

Writey writey writey. I’ll probably take a day off on Tuesday #tweet