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August 2018

I’m going to see Full of Hell on Sunday night which means missing the first half of SummerSlam. You don’t know my pain… #tweet

Reminder to myself to never again buy GreenSax brown bin liners; these ones all ripped right down the seam, completely useless #tweet

The Hart Foundation were the greatest tag team. It wasn’t just ‘Bret and the other guy’; the Hitman needed the Anvil #tweet

I watched the first two and the last three nights of this year’s G1 Climax and I think that’ll do me #tweet

Feeling like someone turned down the volume and bass in my ears this weekend #tweet

I hope everyone realises Jack won’t do a tap till investors pull out of Twitter #tweet

When I get an email with a typo: no biggie, these things happen. When I send an email with a typo: OH NO WHAT HAVE I DONE??!! #tweet

This is a really fun movie, as well as the root for the art style of The Tale of the Princess Kaguya https://t.co/qZIQ76d2ph #tweet

Renee was quite good the few times she did commentary for NXT; almost a heelish edge to her? If she wants it, they… https://t.co/MH3Q3XSwLV #tweet

Still feel blerg with this cold so no new Enlarged Heart Radio till next weekend, if you were waiting on it #tweet

A new Picard series is great and all, but when do we get the new adventures of Barclay? #tweet

I’m no Cornette-esque curmudgeon but this ladder match is just a string of high spots, blah #WOSWrestling #tweet

The description of the Jolly Green Giant herein made me laugh out loud (on my own, like, so it wasn't embarrassing… https://t.co/cJFS4e2Kmz #tweet

The Jungle Book at the Grand in Fairview, probably 1985. I remember being annoyed at the other kids being so noisy https://t.co/F2QtZsCVAZ #tweet

Under the weather so taking the rest of the day off. Let’s see what Netflix has in store for me #tweet

Train home isn’t an Enterprise either. Bit much, like #tweet

Would you not also care to mention it’s now a commuter train, not an Enterprise? More than a mere capacity issue https://t.co/BOdrLoqkgf #tweet

So much for pre-booking my ‘Enterprise’ ticket when they’ve stuck us on a commuter train #tweet