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October 2018

So it turns out nvALT does not run very well on Mojave: it’s laggy with lengthier text that gave it no trouble before, and undo seems to have been undone. What are my options? https://t.co/6ndI93vy6L #tweet

So busy yesterday I completely forgot it was a bank holiday #tweet

Delighted to see #WWEEvolution has a dedicated entrance stage and not just the Raw/SD set with different graphics #tweet

I’ve been running a SuperDuper ‘smart update’ for almost an hour and a half and it’s still not finished. Not good, not good #tweet

Confirmed via the WWE app Network schedule: Evolution starts at 11pm, with the Kickoff show at 10 #tweet

Currently waiting for my computer to download and install stuff before I can do any work #tweet

Remembering now that IPSOS rang me twice in recent weeks but I wasn’t in a position to talk. How many others like me? #tweet

Just home from the polling station. There’s still five hours left, folks. No excuse not to get out there #tweet

How thoughtful of our neighbours chopping back their stupid overgrown hedges to leave all the cuttings in our driveway #tweet

Every year I freak out about paying and filing tax and every year it takes less than an hour #tweet

Surprised this ‘vote for Peter Casey’ thing that came in the post this morning isn’t covered with NPC memes #tweet

Roman Reigns is far from my favourite wrestler, but cancer is no joke. Genuinely hoping he’ll bounce back from this new and improved #tweet

Seeing some ragging on BBQ pork buns in my timeline and I won’t be having it #tweet

Back on my very slow Thunder journey (24 eps in now) and I’m just learning that CIMA was in WCW for a hot minute #tweet

Lost my Duolingo streak ‘cause I was feeling too ill to do my daily lesson or even buy a streak freeze. Sad face #tweet

Can George Hook please disappear down the same slime pit Kevin Myers slithered into? #tweet

Waking up in the middle of the night with an uncontrollable shiver despite being quite warm wasn’t the best start to the weekend #tweet

Further to this point: can we please keep bigots, conspiracy nuts, anti-vax coddlers and general ne’er-do-wells off any future bill for the Áras, please? https://t.co/VL2pEHoP1r #tweet

It’s a week till the Irish Presidential vote and blasphemy referendum and there’s only one way to go on both, in all seriousness #tweet

I’m at the NUJ Freelance Forum in Dublin today so please do say hello if you see me this afternoon #tweet

Four episodes into Maniac and honestly, I’d rather watch a show about Linda and Bruce than all that Terry Gilliam knock-off shtick #tweet

There’s a comic con on in Dublin this weekend? This afternoon is literally the first I’ve heard about it #tweet

Only in the door and have to change the DNS settings on the router to get around the hames eir made of it earlier today #tweet

So busy this week I haven’t had a chance to get excited about seeing so many New Japan wrestlers in one place tomorrow night #tweet

Still breezy outside but lucky to escape the worst of Storm Callum up here #tweet

Can I ask something: is the Circle line not good enough for Fiona Bruce? #tweet

Finished work early tonight; time to give these dried out, bloodshot eyes a break #tweet

Another Budget, another confirmation that this State is a neoliberal hellscape #tweet

Last-minute editing work means no KOPW for me till… actually I’ll likely only have time for the highlights before the weekend https://t.co/xWjvMjutrd #tweet

No King of Pro-Wrestling for me till tomorrow so I should probably mute those hashtags #tweet

Can’t say I’m surprised the UFC booked a schmozz to end last night’s show since they’re so desperate for attention #tweet

I’m assuming that Bryan/Miz match was cut for time. It fits with Bryan’s history, etc. But it was not good, the cadence was all wrong. And the crowd picked up on it #WWESSD https://t.co/viHdk2L8QZ #tweet

No pre-show for tomorrow’s Super Show-Down, I notice #tweet

Uh oh, the parcel of stuff I ordered last week is being palmed off to Fastway. Shall I toss a coin to see if it arrives? #tweet

Oh, and I finally got a digital subscription to The Wire that was much cheaper than expected. That’s a lot of back issues to read, so #tweet

Picked up my new spectacles this evening so I’ll be spending the night getting used to them #tweet