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October 2018

So it turns out nvALT does not run very well on Mojave: it’s laggy with lengthier text that gave it no trouble before, and undo seems to have been undone. What are my options? https://t.co/6ndI93vy6L #tweet

So busy yesterday I completely forgot it was a bank holiday #tweet

Delighted to see #WWEEvolution has a dedicated entrance stage and not just the Raw/SD set with different graphics #tweet

I’ve been running a SuperDuper ‘smart update’ for almost an hour and a half and it’s still not finished. Not good, not good #tweet

Confirmed via the WWE app Network schedule: Evolution starts at 11pm, with the Kickoff show at 10 #tweet

Currently waiting for my computer to download and install stuff before I can do any work #tweet

Remembering now that IPSOS rang me twice in recent weeks but I wasn’t in a position to talk. How many others like me? #tweet

Just home from the polling station. There’s still five hours left, folks. No excuse not to get out there #tweet

How thoughtful of our neighbours chopping back their stupid overgrown hedges to leave all the cuttings in our driveway #tweet

Every year I freak out about paying and filing tax and every year it takes less than an hour #tweet

Surprised this ‘vote for Peter Casey’ thing that came in the post this morning isn’t covered with NPC memes #tweet

Roman Reigns is far from my favourite wrestler, but cancer is no joke. Genuinely hoping he’ll bounce back from this new and improved #tweet

Seeing some ragging on BBQ pork buns in my timeline and I won’t be having it #tweet

Back on my very slow Thunder journey (24 eps in now) and I’m just learning that CIMA was in WCW for a hot minute #tweet

Lost my Duolingo streak ‘cause I was feeling too ill to do my daily lesson or even buy a streak freeze. Sad face #tweet

Can George Hook please disappear down the same slime pit Kevin Myers slithered into? #tweet

Waking up in the middle of the night with an uncontrollable shiver despite being quite warm wasn’t the best start to the weekend #tweet

Further to this point: can we please keep bigots, conspiracy nuts, anti-vax coddlers and general ne’er-do-wells off any future bill for the Áras, please? https://t.co/VL2pEHoP1r #tweet

It’s a week till the Irish Presidential vote and blasphemy referendum and there’s only one way to go on both, in all seriousness #tweet

I’m at the NUJ Freelance Forum in Dublin today so please do say hello if you see me this afternoon #tweet

Four episodes into Maniac and honestly, I’d rather watch a show about Linda and Bruce than all that Terry Gilliam knock-off shtick #tweet

There’s a comic con on in Dublin this weekend? This afternoon is literally the first I’ve heard about it #tweet

Only in the door and have to change the DNS settings on the router to get around the hames eir made of it earlier today #tweet

So busy this week I haven’t had a chance to get excited about seeing so many New Japan wrestlers in one place tomorrow night #tweet

Still breezy outside but lucky to escape the worst of Storm Callum up here #tweet

Can I ask something: is the Circle line not good enough for Fiona Bruce? #tweet

Finished work early tonight; time to give these dried out, bloodshot eyes a break #tweet

Another Budget, another confirmation that this State is a neoliberal hellscape #tweet

Last-minute editing work means no KOPW for me till… actually I’ll likely only have time for the highlights before the weekend https://t.co/xWjvMjutrd #tweet

No King of Pro-Wrestling for me till tomorrow so I should probably mute those hashtags #tweet

Can’t say I’m surprised the UFC booked a schmozz to end last night’s show since they’re so desperate for attention #tweet

Monthnotes for June-September 2018

Hello! It’s been a while, a weird few months of ups and downs with changes on the work front but new opportunities, too. Meanwhile, life carries on, and if you follow my Twitter (or my Last.fm, or my Letterboxd, or my Trakt) you’re pretty much caught up on anything I care to share. Now, to get back on the blogging wagon!

I’m assuming that Bryan/Miz match was cut for time. It fits with Bryan’s history, etc. But it was not good, the cadence was all wrong. And the crowd picked up on it #WWESSD https://t.co/viHdk2L8QZ #tweet

No pre-show for tomorrow’s Super Show-Down, I notice #tweet

Uh oh, the parcel of stuff I ordered last week is being palmed off to Fastway. Shall I toss a coin to see if it arrives? #tweet

Oh, and I finally got a digital subscription to The Wire that was much cheaper than expected. That’s a lot of back issues to read, so #tweet

Picked up my new spectacles this evening so I’ll be spending the night getting used to them #tweet