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The Decline Of The Irish Metal Civilisation, Yet Again

"With all the clubs, gigs and activity happening in Dublin, you’d be under the illusion that there’s actually a real, thriving scene here. There’s not. There’s a disparate number of different groups all struggling to do something for their respective audiences. The only thing that really sells is nostalgia." #link

Kevin Drumm on Bandcamp

The noise musician's page for his prolific self-release catalogue. Bit expensive for digital vanity projects, mind. #link

Heavy Metal Be-Bop

Interviews about jazz and heavy metal by Hank Shteamer, the man behind the recent Craw reissues (which are fabulous, by the way, and I'd have a physical copy if I could afford one). #link

The Day the Music Died: Linda Kite in Her Own Words

D Boon's fiancée shares her story of that fateful night 30 years ago. This is from over a year ago but I only saw it via a tweet recently; some relief that no individual was to blame for what happened, though that was never what mattered. #link

Drainland on Bandcamp

Just in time for their recent re-emergence, the Drainland back catalogue is now on Bandcamp, much of it for free download. #link

Kamasi Washington’s Giant Step

Behind the scenes with today's jazz wunderkind. I need to give The Epic another go, as the lush arrangements on my first listen put me off (but I did appreciate it when the first track opened up a little and Kamasi started wailing on the sax). #link