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Music reviews: GridLink, Gary Lucas, Bblurbs and more

Shellac at Whelan's on 20 November 2013

Five months since my last reviews update here and it’s been a bit of a drought from me to be honest, especially when it comes to the heavy stuff. Expect that to change as spring gets going.

In the meantime (and ICYMI) check out my takes for Thumped on new/recent ones from Melt-Banana, The Necks, Chrome and GridLink, not to mention my interview with Coilguns before their short Irish tour last October, my verdict on Shellac’s gig at Whelan’s in November, and my second Noises On! column where I rounded up a few months’ worth of all sorts. I should do those more often; blurbing is fun.


Michael Gira interviewed, movies reviewed and more

Michael Gira

In early August I had the good fortune to do an interview with Swans leader Michael Gira for Thumped ahead of the band’s shows in Ireland. I attended the Dublin gig and it was incredible, as expected. And though I didn’t meet Gira after the show as I had to dash for the last bus home, he was nothing short of a pleasure to deal with on the line, and I’ll make a point of saying hello next time he or the band passes through town.