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March 2019

Forty-plus years of Super Sentai tokusatsu covered in about eight minutes. Interesting to see how blatantly toy-oriented the Japanese shows are compared to the western adaptations. #video

The Mets game right now is free to watch if you’ve got an MLB login #tweet

Couldn’t turn down the Kevin Drumm discography if it’s only like €20, could I? For Sheer Hellish Miasma alone that’s a bargain #tweet

I want to shower in the guitar tone on the new Devil Master album #tweet

Agh, iTunes erased all my playlists containing non-iTunes store music! I hate you, Tim Cook #tweet

Brain is like a sieve today. Literally forgot something in the single second it took for me to switch windows to search for it #tweet

“Oh, there’s a new Crowhurst in my inbox … ‘Guests from… Sol Invictus’ … Eh, no thanks.” #tweet

I think I just saw a wren in our garden. That’s a first for me if so #tweet

Thanks to Zack Greinke my fantasy baseball season is off to a stupendous start 🤦‍♂️ #tweet

#NowPlaying Sunwatchers - Illegal Moves #tweet

Napalm Death - Scum / Discordance Axis - The Inalienable Dreamless / Nasum - Human 2.0 / The Locust - S/T / East-West Blast Test - S/T (Cumulative running time 2:10:01) #DesertIslandGrindcore https://t.co/Ym857fUZoE #tweet

Also picked up a sweet ratchet screw set in Lidl for a tenner. You never know when you’ll need one of those #tweet

Finally got new ink for my printer, and I’m inordinately excited about it #tweet

I’ve heard the new black midi single and I’m persuaded to ask them, wouldn’t you like to come to Halifax? #tweet

The Letterboxd people that like everything have rendered the Activity tab useless #tweet

Olly with an excellent breakdown of the philosophy behind antifascism, one that also serves as a takedown of the naivety of certain journalistic quarters in the face of racist rhetoric and manipulation. #video

New issue of @atomic_elbow arrived but I’m afraid to open it in case I get glitter everywhere #tweet

So we’ve watched all of The Dragon Prince. We need more Dragon Prince #tweet

Somewhere out in the ether, Scott Walker is punching a donkey in the streets of Galway #tweet

You may have never heard of Larry Cohen, but genre cinema would absolutely not be the same today without him #tweet

Just remembered my fantasy baseball draft is tonight and I am Not In The Mood #tweet

Think of it this way: cinema is an art, but there’s still room for weirdo comedies or horrors or whatever that entertain but which no one would put in a museum https://t.co/rNh84wWKxw #tweet

Season 2 spoilers abound, but here’s a great insight into the animation process behind The Dragon Prince, which all Avatar/Korra fans should be watching https://t.co/WwW3CWjfhH #tweet

Only found out about The Dragon Prince a week or two ago but it’s great, isn’t it? #tweet

Here’s a subtweet for you: I don’t do straw man arguments. Move along, please #tweet

The epitome of Ireland’s Dublin-centrism is this coypu story, which first became an issue in 2017 but that wasn’t in Dublin so… #tweet

Just thought of like five better puns than the crappy headline I put on a piece before end of shift last night #tweet

Um, kinda forgetting everything before 1985 there, aren’t we? In the context of where the phrase originates, the st… https://t.co/fF8IkboTbc #tweet

Political journalism is really bad. I’m sure this isn’t news to most observers, but it has to be said #tweet

Here’s a thread of fair and valid criticisms of Joe ‘I can’t do my job and just watch the monitor when I commentate at UFC events’ Rogan https://t.co/iwzgjOu8aT #tweet

Did anyone expect Theresa May to say anything of substance right now? She hasn’t at any time over the last few years #tweet