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I held out for the longest time but now I use Siri for one thing: setting timers for the kitchen #tweet

Ships full of migrants turned away from ports; concentration camps… I didn’t think I’d live to see this history repeated so soon #tweet

Enjoy TakeOver, wrestle friends. I’ll watch it tomorrow when I’m awake #tweet

I’m only watching Sleepwalkers for Clovis the attack cat #tweet

The irony of Glinner dismissing men who call him out on his transphobic bullshit when he is himself a man is not lost on anyone here #tweet

So I bought a ticket to WrestleRama 2. I’m hoping OTT have cleaned up their act this time. And at least it’s not at the Tivoli #tweet

My favourite wrestler throws the first pitch at a Japanese baseball game. What could go wrong? https://t.co/BxvA0IaiYi #tweet

Only three: the Evil Dead reboot, ‘cause it was nasty rubbish; The Driller Killer and Ryuhei Kitamura’s Versus, ‘cause I was bored https://t.co/xcpkH5JDqW #tweet

First rain in a couple of weeks today and the air is filled with petrichor. That’s a word I literally just looked up now #tweet

Bee playing Jurassic World Evolution: “I’m not rage quitting, I’m taking a frustration break” #tweet

So what’s this about KUSHIDA wrestling in Dublin in August? Ah go on, so #tweet

Glinner: I haven’t said anything about trans people! But I’ll dog-whistle compare them to rapists and murderers. Woof?! #tweet

If this is what the new Low album (Double Negative, out in September) actually sounds like, it might be the best thing they’ve ever done. #video

The force (hay fever) is strong with this one (me) #tweet

Don’t really care what Corey Graves says about CM Punk since he was such an arsehole to Charly Caruso on the way out of NXT #tweet

Dominion was brilliant! Kenny Omega finally did it! And Hiromu won the junior title again! Happy days! #tweet

JR and the King doing commentary for Mid-South in 1983 is kind of blowing my mind right now #tweet

Secure your accounts, friends. And maybe report these arseholes harassing Jes, who is good people https://t.co/uJXVbvL1KW #tweet

Apple’s Reminders app has been crash-tastic for me since the new iOS update this week. Anyone else? #tweet

Glad to see everyone enjoyed Nick Cave last night. I saw a bat in our garden, which might have also been Nick Cave in fairness #tweet

Devil Master's 'Inhabit the Corpse' (s'one mentioned it on ILX) and Tigue's 'Strange Paradise' (via another rabbit hole), both on Bandcamp https://t.co/ew1i4FFHmH #tweet

Spinning the new Black Spirituals double LP this morning and it does not surprise me they’ve played with Dead Neanderthals #tweet

Bank holidays are great except for the rest of the week when you forget what day it is and neglect to put out the recycling #tweet

How long has it been since a summer blockbuster that genuinely excited almost everyone? Fury Road, maybe? #tweet

This thread is applicable to so much: Love Boaters, welfare ‘fraud’, you name it https://t.co/ovogYpiM2N #tweet

Saw a 50th anniversary screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey last night. ‘Phenomenal’ is the only word for it #tweet

No one else saying Cannibal Corpse? I can't abide the lyrics but the music on those early albums is phenomenal https://t.co/rUBWCw0EyJ #tweet

Monthnotes for April & May 2018

April was quiet enough. I enjoyed WrestleMania weekend, even if I wasn’t moved to write much about it. My Twitter thread is here, though you might need the context of the show itself to follow along. As always, the NXT TakeOver show was the highlight.

As I mentioned previously, April saw a few actual trips to the cinema for me, to see Rampage, Lu Over the Wall and The Breadwinner, the last of which is one of my favourite films of the year thus far.

I started upping my rate of movies watched in May, which I’ll elaborate on in a separate post. I’ve also been watching more streaming TV as of late. More…

Watching the BOSJ final. This Ishimori fellow, his physical resemblance to [REDACTED] is distracting. Needless to say I’m for Hiromu #tweet

Would love to watch the live BOSJ show this morning but our broadband’s been down for 20 minutes so I don’t think that’s happening #tweet

Olly’s videos, like this one, are excellent stuff — and indeed represent Kant’s moral philosophy in praxis. #video

These Mid-South uploads on the Network are great, but WWE is missing so much of its own history without Superstars and Wrestling Challenge #tweet

“The easiest way to kill someone and get away with a slap on the wrist is to make sure your weapon is a car.” https://t.co/lCUuk64l1f #tweet