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Here’s a thread of fair and valid criticisms of Joe ‘I can’t do my job and just watch the monitor when I commentate at UFC events’ Rogan https://t.co/iwzgjOu8aT #tweet

Did anyone expect Theresa May to say anything of substance right now? She hasn’t at any time over the last few years #tweet

I think this means ‘he made another horror movie’, which is like criticising John Carpenter for following Halloween with The Fog https://t.co/soC4UKbsuT #tweet

Less haste for this now seeing as I found a voucher in my eBay account and just used it to buy a matcha whisk. But still interested in others' experiences https://t.co/ZpLDElBXmu #tweet

Do I know anyone who’s shopped with AliExpress? I must do. What’s your experience? #tweet

Who would’ve thought the humble egg would get the far right so wound up? #tweet

Nightmare fuel in the new video for From the Bogs of Aughiska, directed by @FracturedSeries (CW for flashing images) https://t.co/0GWqNdzGjl #tweet

Some positive news for Monday: where I live, at least, daylight hours will be one minute longer than night #tweet

WrestleMania X is on the Network right now if you’re at a loss for something to do tonight #tweet

I was only thinking about this earlier: Katie Taylor is out there collecting belts with nary a peep from the nation and Conor McRacist is doing what, exactly? https://t.co/qsrRfPRkAd #tweet

Something really bugging me about last night: the guy in the section behind us who yelled that Liger is a ‘Jap’ http://bit.ly/2TdtIRA #tweet

Just met my favourite wrestler ever. No big deal, like #tweet

I’m glad I went to UCD, but if I’d known I could have simply not done Irish in the Leaving, it would’ve been a better points strategy for sure https://t.co/oX41U9SPix #tweet

They’ve made a Super Split flavoured Coke now? That sounds disgusting #tweet

Two great records out today you should hear: the new Deafkids and Elizabeth Colour Wheel #tweet

49 people murdered for social media lulz. That’s the world we’re living in now #tweet

Just a short clip of Jawbox in rehearsals for their upcoming reunion tour. Which I won't be seeing. Sad face. #video

For those of you confused about last night’s Brexit news: it’s guff. Britain was no more ‘trapped’ by the backstop a few months ago than it is now. All she got is a letter confirming stuff that was already in the spirit of the agreement https://t.co/NuiENZwSMZ #tweet

Down to the wire tonight. Thanks a bunch, Theresa May #tweet

Is it just a weird camera angle, or does Vince look very, um, slender? #tweet

PSA for Irish/UK wrestling fans: US clocks went forward this morning, so Fastlane tonight starts at 11pm (Kickoff at 10pm) #tweet

Was only this morning discussing at home that ‘technical solutions’ are pie-in-the-sky stuff. As if they’d even spend the requisite on this Podunk corner of the world https://t.co/vZyoofovc2 #tweet

Regarding that Hollywood Reporter list everyone is going on about: it’s a framing issue, really. Favourite /= Best #tweet

I liked Lords of Chaos a lot. There, I said it #tweet

Guerilla Toss’ upcoming Euro tour isn’t coming to Ireland. Understandable, but boo to that all the same #tweet

Even apart from all the qualities that made/make Jushin Thunder Liger such a phenomenal performer: surgery for a brain tumour, then continued his career for almost a quarter of a century. Beast god indeed #tweet

Had a feeling this was coming. I got to see him wrestle in London a few years ago, and I’ll see him one more time in just over a week in my home town https://t.co/tmAaJtv2xe #tweet

King Kong Bundy as well? Fuck this week, and it’s barely even Tuesday #tweet

Still lashing with rain up here in The Town. If it snows it won’t stick #tweet

Extremely Vince voice: It’s the March to WrestleMania! #tweet

Homeland s07 (I’m catching up on Netflix) has been, well, let’s just say white privilege has a lot to answer for. But the end of e09 is frankly terrifying. Best horror I’ve seen in months #tweet

Tye, Hideo and TJP gone. Not even future endeavoured. What a waste. And how petty is WWE? #tweet

My favourite Sleater-Kinney album turns 20. I remember seeing them play on Jo Whiley’s then Channel 4 show and knowing I needed this https://t.co/TuwdcOeYCA #tweet

All the segregated cycle lanes in the world won’t matter unless cyclists in Ireland get priority at junctions like they do in countries where cycling works https://t.co/bDEa2MZKQW #tweet

Awful big coincidence, Netflix very predictably cancelling its Marvel shows as Disney preps the launch of its own streaming service #tweet

There are actual important stories to cover rather than giving over half of your front page to smearing Ellie Kisyombe #tweet

Just found out my favourite wrestler will be in Dublin on St Patrick’s weekend so I have to be there too, don’t I? http://bit.ly/2X5njuZ #tweet

I want to hear Guerilla Toss cover King Crimson’s ‘Thela Hun Ginjeet’ #tweet