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So it turns out Lidl coconut milk isn’t anywhere close to the Blue Dragon one I usually get #tweet

People ragging on certain politicians for their woke credentials should consider how much stroke they really have with their civil servants #tweet

Kong: Skull Island is… not very good #tweet

First day in months I've left the house without a jacket #tweet

Hey, when did the Free Fire release date get bumped? #tweet

Is there anything on the 45th anniversary shows I can’t miss? ‘Cause I was just gonna skip to the New Japan Cup (next week sometime) #tweet

First listen to this Ultramega OK remix/remaster and it sounds fantastic. Great job, Kim and Jack #tweet

My Letterboxd reviews of Logan, A Hologram for the King, This Is Spinal Tap, and Mascots


So James Mangold finally got to make his R-rated Wolverine. And? Strip away the air of ‘serious film’-ness surrounding this super-anti-hero flick and it’s a fairly ordinary road movie, gussied up by a gritty pomo western style, relatively extreme violence, and uncharacteristic potty-mouth dialogue. All very cute, like when Jackman says ‘fuck off’ in that Avengers cameo. Fanboys can shove it.


Students of UCD: what the hell are you doing? #tweet

#repealthe8th #IWD2017 #tweet

Pretty sure there’s a blind cat in our garden. I didn’t have the heart to chase it any further #tweet

Had no idea Edge is in Dublin. I wonder if he'll bump into The Edge and cause an Edge singularity #tweet

Osaka, Japan

Osaka cityscape, taken by Pedro Szekely. Apropos of nothing. #image