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My top 5 favourite horror films made in the last 10 years (of which I’ve seen, and as of right now): Kill List / Green Room / Sicario / The Blackcoat’s Daughter / Happy Death Day https://t.co/pwOXygqzYF #tweet

Peter Casey is nothing but a racist xenophobe who should’ve been consigned to the dustbin of history the last time his ugliness was propped up. And everyone doing the propping is as bad as he is #tweet

I never thought I needed a detailed breakdown of what makes the Cowbell sketch so funny (and it is indeed hilarious) until now https://t.co/vMXsNGaR8d #tweet

Ireland/UK Netflix users: tonight’s your last chance to see Happy Birthday to Me, a slasher from the director of Ice Cold in Alex and Death Wish 4. This is not a rib #tweet

If I’m reading it right, it looks like Vlad’s debut in the majors is MLB.TV’s free game of the day. So I know what I’m doing at midnight #tweet

Has a bad review ever turned you on to something you liked or loved? Music, film, book, whatever: examples, please! #tweet

Is there a box office ranking that counts tickets sold/per head rather than money grossed? Because the latter ultimately tells you nothing #tweet

Speaking as a former cinema usher: please don’t do this. Turnarounds are tight in busy multiplexes, so the quicker you get out, the quicker the theatre can be cleaned for the next crowd https://t.co/83CD0CsuRy #tweet

Glad I caught up on all those weeks-old emails in my inbox as I got a really nice reply to one of them #tweet

Who am I gonna drop from my fantasy baseball team to make way for Vlad? Decisions, decisions… #tweet

Five jobs I’ve had (actually my first five in order): Northside People paperboy / Multiplex cinema concessions (and occasional usher) / Sales assistant at major music/film retailer (various floors/depts) / Subeditor (freelance) / Web designer (freelance, and front-end only) #tweet

Fandom that demands obsequiousness is such a drain. Yes, this is probably a subtweet about the thing you imagine #tweet

Self-medicating with Szechuan tofu #tweet

Just Eat, but for pharmacies when you feel too crappy to leave the house to get medicine #tweet

Miserable with a head cold since Sunday. It’s really hard to do thinking work with a cold #tweet

“They aren’t a severe military style group,” says the rando about a wrestling stable whose gimmick includes them standing to attention. Right… #tweet

I’ve spent much of my downtime this week watching YouTube videos of a couple visiting every rail station in the UK and Ireland and it’s what I’ve needed, I’ll tell you #tweet

A terrible loss in Derry tonight. Lyra spoke at a Freelance Forum a little over a year ago and was full of enthusiasm and good advice https://t.co/8VYjBSs4gq #tweet

As much as I appreciate Notre-Dame and its cultural importance, this is obscene. The ideology that underpins why the wealthy would rather invest in the abstract than raise living people out of poverty or starvation? There’s nothing good about that https://t.co/GFQY8S7JuM #tweet

Cirque du Soleil at the WWE Performance Center makes perfect sense to me. But it also underscores all of the issues raised by the John Oliver thing https://t.co/7eCmREVRsF #tweet

Kinda weird I don’t see talk in my timeline about You vs Wild when it does the choose-your-own-adventure thing a damn sight better than the mean-spirited Bandersnatch #tweet

Right, so Vince only just heard that Harlem Heat used to be called the Ebony Experience and got fixated on it. It has to be, nothing else makes sense https://t.co/wn43L5XQVa #tweet

According to the Network, TakeOver New York was the 500th edition of NXT. Why did they ignore that? #tweet

Only catching up now on the Notre-Dame news. What a loss… #tweet

My legs are in bits from that headwind #tweet

Saw two films as part of @JFF_Ireland yesterday: Penguin Highway (fine, but overlong) and I Want to Eat Your Pancreas (dreadful; watch Toradora! instead). Oh well. They can’t all be winners #tweet

I did not know about this app before this evening. Not sure how deep its catalogue is for my tastes, but it’s got at least one thing I didn’t expect https://t.co/ZwY9WLKgBq #tweet

One could just as easily say the church arsonist was influenced by ‘Hollywood’, seeing as Lords of Chaos just screened in US cinemas. It’s a similarly fatuous claim https://t.co/oOJe2CqUl2 #tweet

I’ve only got one conspiracy theory, and it’s that the Montreal Screwjob was an elaborate work that got worked into a shoot #tweet

Just remembered today that I’m going to a conference type thing on Monday, if you’re wondering where my head is at this week #tweet

Gutted for Marchie Archie #tweet

Now that you bring this up, my money’s on TruTV. I know you all want to stick it to Jamie Kellner (that was 18 years ago, by the way) but come on… https://t.co/ED8hi4mdTg #tweet

TOD always needs to be in some truck stop parking lot, with a few trees for a hint of bucolic atmosphere to contrast the ultraviolence of scary men with thumb tack scars smashing each other with light tubes https://t.co/8iTxpqoVNn #tweet

So Ireland’s turning on immigrants instead of FG, is that right? My blood pressure can’t take that brand of ignorance #tweet

Taka Michinoku makes his long-awaited return to Madison Square Garden! #G1Supercard #tweet

I guess EVIL couldn’t get his scythe and laser fingers through customs #G1Supercard #tweet

There’s far too much Ring of Honor in this New Japan show #G1Supercard #tweet

It’s really odd not hearing the right music for Minoru Suzuki on this NJPW World feed #G1Supercard #tweet

Anyway I just finished watching TakeOver and honestly I slept through the main event ‘cause I’m knackered so now I’m going to make some coffee #tweet