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When you turn around the cap of a tube of tomato purée, it can pierce the foil lid open https://t.co/5Ny1Cg1dor #tweet

My fantasy baseball draft is next Sunday at a relatively reasonable hour. And now the panic sets in… #tweet

More snow in the winter that never ends #tweet

Dean's got a great thread going sharing his picks for top Irish metal and heavy stuff https://t.co/nMO5DcZgtc #tweet

The Fractured series may have come to a close, but John Mulvaney’s not done with his engaging profiles of bands in their creative milieu — this time across the Irish Sea with British doom metal crew Solstice. #video 

Ah, the Luas fiasco: what happens when you don't build flexibility or redundancy into the system #tweet

Terrible news about Filmbase. No room for creativity without the goal of financial profit in today’s Ireland #tweet

Here’s a thing about this sports funding controversy: it goes where the State thinks it’ll get the biggest return, not for the public good #tweet

Have to give the new Soderbergh a miss this morning with other things to be doing #tweet

Should’ve been the Chyna Memorial Battle Royal; someone people actually care about. Moolah is just a monster #tweet

Got on the bus and the radio was playing CCR’s ‘Green River’; now it’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’. What parallel universe have I slipped into?! #tweet

April Fool’s jokes only work on April Fool’s Day, if they work at all #tweet

‘Irish should be compulsory’ says the person who went to a Gaelscoil and developed a unique passion for it while also admitting it’s taught as a subject and not a language. Right… https://t.co/ghx8sCABqM #tweet

Finally cracked a hard WordPress nut thanks to number_format_i18n #tweet

By Bee’s and my count, 40 separate and deliberate shots of the WrestleMania sign at #WWEFastlane tonight #tweet

Obligatory ‘Asuka is brilliant’ tweet #tweet

Catching up on NXT before the PPV tonight, and delighted to see TM61 back in action. I like their new Aussie Rules shirts, too #tweet

Friendly reminder that due to the clocks changing in North America, Fastlane starts at midnight tonight and not 1am #tweet

My Goodreads reviews for 2017

Image from the cover of MASK: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, Vol 1

My low logging rate on Goodreads for 2017 belies how much I read on a given day; it just doesn’t come from books. That’s not because I’m too distracted for the long form, more that I’ve been having trouble losing myself in the worlds that novels require. (Or wanting to; it’s easier to watch good films or great TV, after all.) So last year’s record, as little as I read in qualifying matter, fairly reflects that. More…

A wrestling film opened in cinemas today but the press show (that I couldn’t get to) was yesterday, which says a lot #tweet

Season 3 of Love just hit Netflix so I know what I’m doing this weekend #tweet

#MWE Day 28: Soft Kill - Choke. Missed this dangerous, alluring post-punk gem when it came out a year ago, to my shame #tweet

#MWE Day 27: Pitchshifter - Industrial. Like Godflesh with more swing, and with hints of the drum’n’bass pop machine they’d become #tweet

#MWE Day 26: Manifesting Obscenity - Doppelgänger. Strangely listenable for brutal cosmic death metal with pig squeal vocals #tweet

The Cure - Seventeen Seconds / Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables / Devo - Freedom of Choice / Pere Ubu - The Art of Walking / Pylon - Gyrate #DesertIslandBirthYear #tweet

Watching random eps of All Star Wrestling just uploaded to the Network, and learning things like Allen Coage had a WWF run years before he was Bad News Brown #tweet

So ridiculous hours-long waits at checkpoints, then? I mean besides the inevitable paramilitary resurgence https://t.co/6ciL7AR3f0 #tweet

Best of luck to @peavolov and colleagues with their Oscar nomination tonight! #tweet

Guild Wars 2 is a lot of fun, and scratches that WoW itch I’ve been having recently #tweet

Watched Mute tonight; it’s really not as bad as people say, though like Warcraft it’s got some significant translation-to-screen issues #tweet

It’s snowing again in Dundalk #tweet

Just built a snowman in 10 minutes, as you do #tweet

Work done, blog entry posted. What now? The calendar says Friday but no day this week has felt like what it is since Monday #tweet