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Shayna Baszler is just a red jacket and a ceramic motorcycle away from Kaneda in Akira #NXTTakeOver #tweet

Firing up the Enormotron for NXT TakeOver Philadelphia. Nine years old and still works… well not like a charm, but it works! #tweet

WWE profiles indie darling, wrestling mega-nerd and NXT returnee Kassius Ohno. Thinking of Ohno as a player-coach, as Johnny Gargano comments here, seems like a perfect fit as this stage of his career. #video 

Wasn't joking about this, by the way. Went to the shops this afternoon for all the trimmings; Xmas 2 is a go for tomorrow https://t.co/izXSiasTOa #tweet

I know I’ve said this before, many a time, but writing is hard #tweet

Future Islands playing Donnybrook Stadium? JG Thirwell in Iveagh Gardens? 2018 is shaping up to be fairly weird, alright #tweet

Yes new Portal in my ears! Also it’s only €7 on Bandcamp so come on, like #tweet

#NowPlaying The Flesh Eaters - Prehistoric Fits: Greatest Hits Vol 2 #tweet

Still at work. No time to unwind tonight, sigh #tweet

My favourite song by The Fall is the one with the great bassline #tweet

It’s heartening to see how many in my timeline knew and/or loved Mark E Smith and The Fall #tweet

Good riddance to Enzo. And if he did what he’s accused of doing, he’s a trash human and deserves everything coming to him #tweet

Here’s a subtweet for you: some people seem strangely uncomfortable with airing the notion that Churchill might have been a bad person #tweet

So much rain, the path to our front door has flooded this weekend for the first time since we moved in #tweet

This is State thumbing their nose at the Supreme Court. It's petty, US-style right-wing rubbish https://t.co/PHwjRvPWpB #tweet

So has the big Irish wrestling group moved on from its sexism and homophobia 2 years ago? Are its ‘hardcore fans’ still insufferable? #tweet

Bee found an old TNG adventure game so guess what we’re doing tomorrow night #tweet

Two dangerous drivers who know fuck all about the Rules of the Road on my ass tonight #tweet

What's missing in this article is that a whole lot of 'content' simply isn't available in Ireland via official/legal digital means https://t.co/yF9zR2EnB7 #tweet

In better news, my Arrow winter sale order arrived, and my very own Daryl Takahashi is being shipped from Japan #tweet

Newsflash: I hate rain #tweet

Right, where can I legally stream/DL these Go-Betweens and XTC documentaries in Ireland? #tweet

Snow update: there’s enough to block my skylight #tweet

It should be optional for the Leaving Cert at least. I’ve said my piece on this before https://t.co/Kc1n5HaR9k #tweet

Wasn’t a Cranberries fan but I’m struck by the thought of how much Dolores O’Riordan, like Sinéad, was poorly treated in/by the media #tweet

Saw The Post this evening; there’s a lot to love, but then Spielberg has to go all Spielberg over it #tweet

Ugh, what a manky day #tweet

I’ve thought about it a bit, and I’ve decided that PWG today is a lot like bands that only release limited vinyl with no digital option #tweet

Sad to see the Savoy’s big auditorium go, but at least we’re getting more screens out of it. We lost the Adelphi fo… https://t.co/KCyMa8f7NU #tweet

Indeed. Most of the big names in wrestling journalism have tended to be their own editors, which is A Problem https://t.co/OVoMf4Ym6u #tweet

ICYMI here’s my review of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, which opens in Irish & UK cinemas tomorrow https://t.co/EQrzZTN0mV #tweet

Really not enthused about paying the TV licence this month when even a cent of it might be going to Sean feckin’ Spicer #tweet

Logic doesn't dictate that this happens, I'm afraid. Probability, or evidence it's actually happening, is something else entirely https://t.co/wRNNTpxLH2 #tweet

Living in a neoliberal hellscape, it gets you down #tweet

I've moaned about 'pedestrian' lights like this forever; they're sequenced to move traffic, not people https://t.co/4XoBdrQWYZ #tweet

ICYMI here's my review of maybe-not-so-Oscar-buzzy-after-all thriller All the Money in the World https://t.co/DazcvO9L1H #tweet

Japanese jobber in the opening contest here is the current co-head booker of All Japan Pro Wrestling https://t.co/MrlhgNsuCl #tweet