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Feel like I dodged a bullet by missing that Kingsman screening on Monday morning #tweet

Just got the best email. Major confidence booster #tweet

Heart-lifting news about Ibrahim Halawa #tweet

JR says Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan is no longer with us. His quick wit made me a wrestling fan, no question #tweet

Anyone who’s going to see Sorcerer at the IFI Open Day today, you’re in for a treat #tweet

Ah man, Harry Dean Stanton. What a week this has been #tweet

Went to see Mother! this afternoon; it left me… whelmed #tweet

I sold Gerard Butler a CD player cleaner the same night he presented something at the IRMA Awards https://t.co/qgJZNjnBJX #tweet

Would it kill Apple to communicate significant UX changes to iTunes before they update the bloody software? Yes, apparently it would #tweet

Doesn't feel like nearly five years since my interview with Grant Hart (by email; missed the chance in person) https://t.co/0cqTJwS93c #tweet

Woke up to the most horrible news; rest easy, Grant Hart #tweet

Late to the new Crystal Maze (the one with ordinary people, not celebs) and it's just lovely #tweet

Just had some chocolate then turned around and saw there was still veg left from dinner https://t.co/rEX6ViBDKu #tweet

Yesterday tech people invented phones. Today it's... minibars? #tweet

Serious question: is modern-day roller derby a work or a shoot? #tweet

Only half past seven in the morning and I already want to scream #tweet

Don't think this would happen? This will only make easier what's happening already https://t.co/AdcTzif0f0 #tweet

My quick take on today’s Apple thing: the ridiculous X only exists to distract from the 8’s minor incremental improvements on the 7 #tweet

I think I'm old enough to try reading Donald Barthelme again #tweet

If you haven’t yet seen Year of the Dragon or To Live and Die in LA, get that sorted before watching this great discussion of two of the 1980s’ finest crime films. (Be forewarned, the video is NSFW.) #video 

Bethune Park VIII, by Paul Regan

I like art with an eye for the uncanny in the mundane, and the work of London-based painter Paul Regan fits that bill to a T. #image 

Not watching the New Japan show that’s on right now. Haven’t seen any of the G1 yet, either. It’s all too much #tweet

Missed out on tix to the Vermeer exhibition, drat. But you know what? We've seen some pretty amazing art in person over the years #tweet

Someone on ILX said Bob Mould’s singing on ‘Chartered Trips’ sounds like Squidward trapped in a garbage can and I can never un-hear that #tweet

Finally saw A Dark Song now that it’s on Netflix. It comes highly recommended from me, if that’s worth anything #tweet

Anyway, I’ve got nearly 3 hours of old Hüsker Dü tunes to dig into today. Not bad for a Saturday #tweet

Three-plus days later and my HD preorder is finally itemised with DL available. Can’t say I’m pleased Numero opted for radio silence #tweet

No aurora, only clouds. The moon looks bright, though #tweet

Blue sky through my skylight, I haven’t seen you for days! #tweet

And this is why social housing should never have been off-boarded to the private sector https://t.co/omtMTFwjSy #tweet

If Kairi gets sacrificed to the MMA gimmick sidekick (not even the one WWE cares about) then this whole tournament can gtfo #MaeYoungClassic #tweet

Important thread here on that awful scaremongering Peta ad that's doing the rounds https://t.co/OtJafXtksO #tweet

I'm all for heels getting heat, but Shayna Baszler should've been disqualified for not breaking that submission on Candice #MaeYoungClassic #tweet

This Deafkids record is a brain-melter; so much density for 23 minutes #tweet