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Can we please call the attack on the Galway mosque what it really is? I mean terrorism, of course #tweet

These Web Summit chaps are not good at PR, are they? #tweet

Four goldfinch fledglings pootling quietly around the patio with their mam; dad just showed up and now they're all tweeting away #tweet

Best smoothie: 200ml almond milk, 1 frozen banana, 1 tsp Horlicks, plus sweetener of choice #tweet

Feck it, I'm staying up for #ExtremeRules - the card actually looks decent on paper #tweet

Dude in this episode of Lovely Muco is wearing a 'Melt Apple' T-shirt. I see what they did there @melt_banana #tweet

Watching last night's UFC and there's Mauro and the Meltz as talking heads in the Sakuraba HOF package #tweet

Regardless of its quality, Wonder Woman seems to be succeeding in spite of Warner Bros' conspicuous lack of faith pre-release #tweet

Denial is now out on DVD and Blu-ray in Ireland; I wasn’t crazy about it when I reviewed it @thumped: https://t.co/zTtYg3rvTG #tweet

Hoping London friends are well and keeping safe tonight #tweet

They saved the best for last in #BOSJ24 - KUSHIDA wins! #tweet

Bee's flicking through the latest SFX and it's dawned on us that the Inhumans press shot is basically the Addams Family #tweet

Not sure if LaToya recapping Impact is gonna make me watch the show, but I’ll read what she writes about it any time #tweet

I saw Leo Varadkar canvassing in the Roselawn car park once; even from 50 feet away the smugness was tangible #tweet

Does Pinboard acquiring Delicious mean I can finally close my Delicious account? #tweet

Kind of obsessed with Lovely Muco #tweet

I waited too long to get in on Sense8, didn't I? #tweet

It's a #BOSJ24 catch-up day for me today. Heartening to see Liger get his fighting spirit back in the face of Suzuki-gun abuse #tweet

Waking up to covfefe #tweet

Anyway, the story of Liger in #BOSJ24 is special: he’s still got it, but the fighting spirit is weak. A beast god confronting his mortality #tweet

Someone needs to step up and replace the Deathlock NJPW calendar. She did us all an invaluable service #tweet

The only time percussive maintenance actually works: when you get a stuck pixel on your LED monitor #tweet

Wow at KUSHIDA’s roll-up cradle body slam on BUSHI in the day 5 main event #BOSJ24 #tweet