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September 2010

Weeknotes #464

Monday — A morning of admin, followed by an afternoon of work. Also looked up where the 39 bus stops, so we can have an alternate route home to the new place (integrating Google Maps is the best thing Dublin Bus has done in quite some time).

Reading Scott Pilgrim Vol 2 on my lunch break, I see the spot in Lee’s Palace where I was nearly bottled in the head by the drummer from …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (p183; the stool on the far right).

Tuesday/Wednesday — Aside from getting another lift to relocate various appliances to the new place (many thanks again, Declan) I have little recollection of what I did over these two days. This worries me.


Weeknotes #463

Monday/Tuesday — Work work work, busy busy busy. Just enough energy left to get to the shops. Not sleeping well.

Wednesday — Still in zombieland, but I revive somewhat in the afternoon for an IKEA run. In the evening Declan drops by to help move a few things to the new place (thank you!). Surprisingly I’m able to find it in the dark without getting lost.

Thursday — Screwed over by IKEA’s delivery service. They never told us when we booked the day before that if we missed their random and arbitrary delivery slot at any moment within that timeframe, for any reason, we still had to pay in full (in other words, the ‘delivery’ charge isn’t actually a delivery charge).

I’m furious! And I get even more so when the customer services drone calls back and rather than really try to help us as customers, decides to hide behind the terms of service – which were never fully dictated to us in the first place. Customer disservice, more like.


Weeknotes #462

Monday — Wet walk to work this morning. Parnell Street stinks of wet dog. Then the sky gets darker and the rain gets harder and my enthusiasm goes out the window. Blah. At least I survive the walk home without slipping.

The evening is better. New MythBusters on TV tonight; good to see them back to busting myths and not idioms (that ‘lead balloon’ episode was just stupid).

Tuesday — A day of meetings (and a little bit of sunshine!) with lots to think about, followed by a trek with Bee to IKEA for cardboard boxes. Thankfully we dodge the rain on the way home, and avoid our boxes turning to €15 worth of brown mush. Tomorrow the packing begins in earnest.


Weeknotes #461

Monday/Tuesday — End of production cycle means little else (aside from meals and a few hours’ sleep) but work from Monday morning till Tuesday afternoon. I’m used to it, but also tired of it.
After all the files are gone to the printer, more Project Hannibal. We see a place in nearby Smithfield which is great for location and okay for space, but is a bit grotty inside (worn carpet, scrapes on kitchen counter, no power shower).

Later on we see a much nicer place out in D15; it’s modern, clean, lots of space, the kitchen is perfect. But there’s a catch: there’s no good cable TV or broadband available. That’s a deal-breaker for us, unfortunately.