Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

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A few words from the author…

I’m MacDara Conroy, a film and music writer, production journalist, mediavore and wrestling geek, living in Dundalk (via Dublin) with the lovely Bee and our growing collection of board games.

This website is my stream-of-consciousness blog and home on the web, though you can also find me on Twitter, Flickr, MetaFilter and a few other places.

I’m currently available for hire for freelance writing and editing assignments. While I skew towards the arts, I have a broad base of experience in news and features, from migrant issues to marine wildlife.

You can read things I’ve written at Bandcamp Daily, Thumped and Burning Ambulance, and stuff I’ve subedited or contributed at Metro Éireann and Afloat.ie.

If you’re looking for someone to write or polish something for you, please drop me a line: Twitter / LinkedIn / macdara at macdaraconroy dot com


Here’s what I’m currently up to, in no particular order (updated March 2018):

  • Digging through a few gigabytes of music promos — scrobbling what I’m playing to my Last.fm profile — and falling behind on podcasts (no public profile for these as yet).
  • On a break from my radio hour on Mixcloud as other things took up my attention, but there will be another episode soon.
  • Not reading as much as I would like (beyond what I do for work, that is), but whatever books I’ve got going are on my Goodreads page. I’ve also got a stack of Atomic Elbows to read, not to mention SFX via my old library’s handy app, and I must get that digital subscription to The Wire I’ve been promising myself for months.
  • Only averaging about one film viewing a week so far this year, and that’s including press screenings. I can do better than that. My film diary is on Letterboxd if you want to follow along.
  • Catching up on TV I’ve missed, and a lot of anime as of late, scrobbled to my Trakt.tv account. Recent favourites: Witnesses (Les Témoins), Homeland s05/06, Recovery of an MMO Junkie.
  • Getting back into tabletop gaming, starting with learning how to play Android: Netrunner.
  • Levelling up my Charr guardian Solomon Rex in Guild Wars 2.
  • Doing my daily 10 minutes with Duolingo, with which I’m learning Japanese (very slowly) and French (re-learning from school, and feeling like I’m doing better at it now, though far from the 50% fluent the app says I am).
  • Once my bicycle gets a service and new inner tubes, I’m looking forward to cycling more as spring arrives, and adding rides to my Strava page; at present my indoor bike is getting more use.
  • Learning to play bass guitar, again, after many previous attempts.


This is the umpteenth version of my personal website, which I’ve been keeping since October 1999 (and at the current domain since 2003). The blog started in November 2001 and has been running on and off ever since.

The current design went live in January 2017 (and was slightly updated in March 2018) after a decade of variations on the previous theme. It’s (mostly) hand-coded in HTML5 and CSS3, building on the responsive CSS framework Skeleton, with the Atom text editor. The font is Roboto Mono. The site is published to the web with WordPress and is hosted by Blacknight Solutions.

This site also uses Google Analytics for traffic stats. Basically, so I can see how many visitors I have, and what pages are being visited. IPs are anonymised (I don’t know who you are) and no data is shared beyond what I can see in my account dashboard. But you can use the opt-out browser plugin if you wish.

The copyright in all original content on this website (including text and images) is owned by me, MacDara Conroy, and licensed under a Creative Commons licence.


This is a personal website. The views and opinions expressed on this site, at time of publication, are/were mine alone, and do not represent the views of my current employers, or any previous employers. I make no pretensions as to the veracity, accuracy or completeness of this site’s content. Some content may also be reworked, edited or removed as I see fit. In addition, parts of this site may contain ‘unsavoury’ language, or links to other sites with such content. Just to make myself clear.