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September 2013

Light in the dark

My friend Dáire Lynch is an amazing artist; you can see for yourself in the video above (filmed by another friend of mine, John Mulvaney) that gives you just a glimpse of his work and working methods.

Dáire’s currently running a FundIt campaign to support a new project which involves painting portraits of musicians that mean a lot to him. He’s let me in on a couple of the names he’s already lined up, and it’s really gearing up to be something special.


Michael Gira interviewed, movies reviewed and more

Michael Gira

In early August I had the good fortune to do an interview with Swans leader Michael Gira for Thumped ahead of the band’s shows in Ireland. I attended the Dublin gig and it was incredible, as expected. And though I didn’t meet Gira after the show as I had to dash for the last bus home, he was nothing short of a pleasure to deal with on the line, and I’ll make a point of saying hello next time he or the band passes through town.


Weeknotes #616-626

If you’re reading this on my site, you should be seeing my brand new design (if you’re in a feed reader, click through to have a look in your browser). It’s been seven years since the last redesign, not counting the odd minor update here and there; even this one is just an evolution from what came before, rather than a complete change. The single-column layout is the most obvious switch, aside from the updated logo, and moving my status info to the About page.